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Partnership & Shareholder Disputes

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We can advise on your rights, and in appropriate cases advise on an application to Court under The Companies Act 2006 for an order by the court on the ground that the company’s affairs are being, or have been conducted in a manner which is, unfairly prejudicial to the interests of its shareholders.

If a dispute arises between shareholders, the first port of call is usually to consider the Company’s Articles of Association.

Precisely what behaviour is “unfairly prejudicial” depends on the circumstances of each case, but in very general terms it may mean that minority shareholders can apply to the court if the majority shareholders run the Company in a manner that damages the minority shareholder’s position, (which usually means the worth of their shareholding), for instance by misusing company assets.

Disputes between partners can quickly become personal.  We will advise you on how to avoid the financial costs that can arise and how to effectively resolve your dispute.  Sometimes dissolution of the partnership is the only option, or to claim damages, and if so we will act for you decisively and swiftly.   We will go through all of the options and ensure you receive practical advice.

We will listen to you and move forward with a sensitive strategy to reach a conclusion as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

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