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Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

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Contractual disputes come in all sizes –

From a minor dispute with a party where maintaining good long-term relations is key to those with a devastating effect on profitability or cash flow.

Disputes can arise in a number of ways, often between:

  • Two or more parties to a contract
  • Partnerships – with or without a written agreement
  • Shareholders/directors in a company
  • Parties to a lease

Commercial Litigation covers a wide spectrum of possible services and typically we help clients with Commercial Litigation; Professional Negligence; Partnership & shareholder Disputes; Disputed Debts; Intellectual Property, Trademark & Copyright Disputes; Mediation, Arbitration & Negotiation.

Our Legal 500 listed teams are based in and around Northamptonshire, Leicestershire providing national coverage where needed. We represent clients nationwide and in many cases, face-to-face meetings are not required (but can, of course, be arranged).

We understand that one size does not fit all and we will give sensible, tailored, commercial advice.

Our team can advise on whether mediation, arbitration, negotiation or litigation is the most cost-effective option for you or your business, and will advise on the prospects of a successful outcome.

Where appropriate we can combine two or more of these options, for example the pressure of a Court case can often encourage parties to mediate or negotiate a settlement.

Whilst not every case is suitable for No-Win-No-Fee we assess every case at the outset

Where we can work for you on this basis we will.

We are proud to hold delegated authority from Temple Legal Protection Limited to make sure that cases on a No-Win-No-Fee are fully insured.

With offices across Northamptonshire and Leicestershire we can meet you at a location convenient to you. Find out more about how we work with Temple Legal Protection here.

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When you took over this case we had already committed a large sum of money with the aim of trying to sort out the split up of a family business under very acrimonious circumstances.

It was not until you brought the ’no win no fee’ suggestion in to play and the very real possibility that the case could end up in court that we started to make headway.  The ‘happy ever after’ ending following mediation was the icing on the cake.