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What is a free initial assessment?

Phoning a Solicitor may be a new experience. You will want to convey the main points of your enquiry and decide whether we’re right for you (and vice versa) without ‘the meter running’ from the moment you pick up the phone.

We offer a free initial telephone consultation to all callers.

Via our New Enquiries Team, we normally gather all of the information we need in 10-15 minutes, often less. For more complex matters such as Medical Negligence, it may take longer, but we can always arrange a follow-up call to suit.

When you (and we) decide to go ahead, we can arrange a further brief call with a lawyer: this is a 10-15 minute call to confirm all of the essential facts, let you know your options and give an indication of costs.

If you feel you need more time during this phone call (or are seeking specific legal opinion), we would generally require payment on account and it will be made clear that this is the case.

For private client enquiries (advice for individuals) we do not offer free initial meetings; neither do we pass enquiries directly to a lawyer – your first port of call is always the New enquiries Team

Generally, we do not provide free face-to-face consultations. Neither can we provide free legal advice.

On occasion we accept that people want a face to face meeting: in limited circumstances, we will agree to a brief 15 minute meeting, after which you will be given the option to continue on a chargeable basis.

It is important to understand that we do not give legal advice or opinion during these early stages. We will advise you on whether we feel you have a case worth pursuing; we can advise you on likely cost etc but we are not permitted to give legal advice until you formally retain our services and become a client.