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Disputed Debts

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Recovering a disputed debt is not always straightforward.

Let’s start by making a clear distinction between debt recovery, which is generally concerned with undisputed debts, and situations where perhaps a dispute between parties has resulted in a debt or monies being withheld.

Contractual sums due can arise in a variety of ways, and can be enforced through a seemingly endless amount of options.

The expert Commercial Litigation Team at Wilson Browne Solicitors know their adjudication from their mediation; their arbitration from their litigation from their insolvency, and; their negotiation from their Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Best of all they can explain your options into plain,  always commercially sensible, English.

Funding options are down to earth and flexible. Where possible various forms of ‘no win no fee’ can be considered,  backed by legal expenses insurance from market leaders Temple the playing field can be levelled, and cash flow concerns addressed. Find out more about how we work with Temple Legal Protection here.

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