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Making a Will

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With expert advice, making a Will is normally quite straightforward….

and as one of the leading Wills and Probate solicitors in Northamptonshire and Leicestershire, we provide that expert advice.

Sadly, more than two thirds of people do not have a Will, often based on assumptions about who will benefit. Without a Will, you will be relying on the statutory law at the time of your death to decide what should happen to your hard earned assets.

Why make a Will?

Making a Will can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that in the event of your death your wishes will be carried out.

Your assets can be administered in the way you would want, setting out important choices such as your funeral arrangements, guardians for minor (young) children, and any gifts you wish to make.

Reducing tax liabilities

When property prices increase, more and more people find that they are worth more than they thought and that their estates will be subject to Inheritance Tax.

Making a Will can enable you to plan for matters in a way that reduces the liability for Inheritance Tax.

Reviewing your Will

The beauty of a Will is that you can change it whenever you want to. The chances are that if your Will is more than 5 years old, it may need updating.

You may find your family growing, you may find friends have come and gone or your own circumstances have changed.

Free Will health checks

Here at Wilson Browne our Wills and Probate solicitors advise that you review your Will frequently (and certainly at times of change, such as marriage) to ensure wishes are being met, and you have received the best advice in terms of tax planning.

As established Wills and Probate solicitors with experts in our offices in Northampton, Kettering, Corby, Higham Ferrers, Wellingborough and Leicester we can offer fixed price, affordable Wills.

Added benefits (that many charge extra for) such as:

  • Free Will storage
  • Free reviews / healthchecks

Free registration on Certainty, the national Wills database.

For Muslim clients, we are fully qualified to make Sharia law compliant for an English Will, in keeping with compulsory obligations for the correct distribution of assets.

We are delighted that our team has again been recognised by the Legal 500.

What should you never put in your Will?

There are a number of assets and accounts that shouldn’t be put in your Will. This includes insurance policies (or other assets) in trust, assets that are immediately payable to the trustees without waiting for a grant of probate and other property you do not own. This can include goods bought with a hire purchase agreement, rented items and property left to you only for your lifetime. There may also be restrictions about shares you own in a company.

Can I write a Will myself?

It’s possible to write your own Will, but that doesn’t always mean that it’s a good idea. It should only be considered if your Will is very simple, and even then there is always the potential for errors that could result in it being invalid.

Are home written Wills legal?

Home written Wills are legal as long as it has been properly signed and witnessed by two adult independent witnesses. These witnesses need to be present at the time that the Will is signed for it to be considered legally binding.

How much does it cost to write your will?

Our Will writing services start from £315 for a single, standard Will. Examples of what falls outside of the description ‘standard’ include (but are not limited to) having multiple beneficiaries, leaving multiple gifts, advice on trusts, and inheritance tax advice. At the time of the meeting, you will be informed if additional charges are likely to be incurred.

What are three conditions to make a Will valid?

For a Will to be considered valid it must be in writing, signed by you, and witnessed by two people. You must have the mental capacity to make the Will and understand the effect it will have. You must have made the Will voluntarily, and without pressure from anyone else.

Do's and don'ts of making a Will?

Carefully choose your executor and let them know your choice. Regularly update your list of assets and remember to review the contents of your Will.

Don’t lose your Will, forget about foreign assets, or be afraid to ask for help.

What is the simplest way to make a Will?

The simplest way to make a Will is with the help of an experienced legal professional. Usually, for a flat fee, they will draw up a legally binding Will, helping to ensure that nothing is overlooked and everyone you care about is taken care of.

What happens if you die without a Will?

When someone dies without leaving a valid Will in England and Wales, their estate must be shared out according to the rules of intestacy. These rules may not reflect your own family situation. If someone dies without a Will and next of kin cannot be traced, the estate will become Bona Vacantia, and passed either to HM Treasury, or the Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall, depending on where you live.

What happens if a Will is signed but not witnessed?

If a Will is signed but not witnessed there is a strong likelihood that it will be considered invalid.

What should I include in a Will?

Your Will should include the details of your executor, your funeral wishes, legal guardians for any children under 18, all of your assets and the name of your beneficiaries, be they individuals, charities or other organisations.

Who can be present when making a Will?

In order for a Will to be valid, it should be signed by the testator, and witnessed by two individuals who should then sign the document. Each witness signs with his/her usual signature, followed by his/her printed name, address and occupation. No one should leave the room before the signing is complete.

Can family members witness a Will?

A witness must be an independent adult who isn’t related to the testator and has no personal interest in the Will. Someone cannot be a witness if they are the spouse or civil partner of the testator, a beneficiary of the Will, the spouse or civil partner of a beneficiary.

How to write a Will

If it’s time to write your Will then the experienced Wills & Probate team at Wilson Browne can help. Call 0800 088 6004 for advice and to start the process today.

**Wills from £315.

Our Wills start from £315 for a single, standard Will (£425 mirror Will). Examples of what falls outside of the description ‘standard’ include (but are not limited to) having multiple beneficiaries, leaving multiple gifts, advice on trusts, and inheritance tax advice.  At the time of the meeting you will be informed if additional charges are likely to be incurred.

Our specialist team can also offer sound advice on the succession and Inheritance Tax implications of passing on the family business and can help you to consider whether or not a Business Will would be best suited to your circumstances.

Your assurance of expert advice

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