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Probate & Administration Of Estates

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What is Probate?

Probate is the term given to the process of administering someone’s estate (their assets) when they die. Sometimes it is also referred to as the Administration of an estate.

When someone dies owning significant assets, a formal ‘grant’ needs to be obtained from a court to enable their estate to be divided between beneficiaries.

Why use a specialist?

At Wilson Browne, our Probate specialists can ease the burden of dealing with the Administration of Estates, whether that person died leaving a Will or intestate (without leaving a Will)

We can help ensure that steps are taken to resolve matters for all concerned as quickly as possible.

We can also advise on post-death opportunities that may be available in rearranging that person’s estate to save Inheritance Tax, or to take into consideration circumstances that were not envisaged when a Will was made.

When a family member or close friend dies, it can be difficult to establish what the next steps are in dealing with the estate.

What is a Grant, and why do I need one?

If the deceased’s estate is valued above a certain amount, it may become necessary to obtain a Grant. 

A Grant is a Court Order providing the Executors/Administrators with the legal authority to deal with the administration of the estate. It will enable the assets to be collected and distributed and the deceased’s wishes to be followed.

What type of Grant do I need?

Grant of Probate

There is a valid Will, and the named executors are willing to prove the Will.

Grant of Letters of Administration (with Will annexed)

There is a valid Will, but the named executors are not willing to prove the Will, have died, no longer have the mental capacity or are unable to prove the Will.

Grant of Letters of Administration

There is no valid Will, and therefore the Intestacy Rules will apply.

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