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Creating Modern Families – Surrogacy

Reasons to choose Wilson Browne

The decision to have a child is monumental, particularly if the decision is taken to use a surrogate.

We can help you plan beforehand and put the necessary legal framework in place once your child is born; whether in the UK or abroad.

It is important before embarking on this journey that you determine whether you meet the legal criteria for the Family Court to make a Parental Order. (If you don’t, there are other legal alternatives that we can explore with you). Getting legal advice early on is, therefore, a must, as there are many dos and don’ts that have to be considered.

As an intended parent or parents using a surrogate, whether in the UK or abroad, you are expected to apply for a Parental Order. The granting of this permanently reallocates legal parental status to you and ultimately the child’s birth certificate is re-issued. We can prepare your application for a Parental Order and represent you at Court. In fact, we can give you as much or as little guidance as you choose.

Once your child is born, the period when you are applying for a Parental Order can be difficult. We can advice how best to deal with this to ensure that you are able to look after and make the appropriate decisions for your child.

If your surrogate is abroad, we can help sort out the arrangements to enable you to bring your child to the UK as soon as possible and assist with any UK passport, nationality or immigration applications that may be necessary.

We also have highly experienced solicitors to advice and prepare Wills for you. It is vitally important that everyone involved in the surrogacy arrangement updates or prepares their Will ahead of the birth and is actually a requirement of some countries. We also work closely with specialist financial advisors, who can assist with looking at putting in place financial protection for you and your family.

Finally, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we can represent you at Court and help you find a resolution to any dispute.

Knowing the cost

People often worry that using a solicitor means uncertainty about cost – we promise to inform you before we begin and to keep you informed throughout. You will always be kept informed of costs in a clear and easily understandable way: it is as simple and as important as that.

You’ll be given an estimate of fees in advance. We will not begin any work until you are happy with our estimated costs. We will be clear on our charges, including VAT and, we will also be clear on any fees that any third parties may need to charge you in relation to the matter.

If you ask us to carry out additional work, we will tell you what this may cost and there will be no hidden costs….that’s a promise

Why choose Wilson Browne Solicitors?

When you contact the solicitors in the Family Law team, you’ll be drawing on the experience and expertise of one of the most established teams in the area which offers the convenience of meeting you at one of our offices across Northamptonshire and Leicestershire in Northampton, Kettering and Corby, Higham Ferrers, Wellingborough, and Leicester.

We are delighted that our Family Law team has been recognised by the Legal 500 – a Who’s Who of the legal profession.

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