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Dispute Resolution in Building Projects

Unfinished or substandard work.

If you have had a builder who left you with an unfinished project or has incompetently undertaken building work for you, we can help.

Wilson Browne Solicitors work with homeowners and other individuals to resolve building disputes.

In most situations, it is more cost-effective to resolve things with the original builder rather than bringing in a new builder. If you have a falling out with the contractor when there is 20 percent of the building left, you will probably not be able to find a new contractor to pick things up from that point and finish at 20 percent of the budget. Our building disputes solicitor works with clients to find the most cost-effective solutions.

Resolving Issues With Incompetent Builders

Many home-owners are unsure how to deal with the issues surrounding incompetent builders. When can a home-owner tell the builder that enough is enough and demand that the work is completed within a certain time? When can a new builder be employed and the extra costs claimed from the original one? We can help you address the concerns you have with your builder to make sure things stay on track.

If things did not work out with the contractor you hired, we can help you get back on track…