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Commercial Mediation

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The legal process can be an expensive one, particularly if a claim is heavily defended.

Mediation is increasingly seen by many clients as an effective alternative to settling a dispute in court.

Successful mediation can result in an agreement of matters which may have originally appeared incapable of resolution. With courts actively encouraging mediation, parties are free to agree the terms of a contract and discuss a wider range of issues and options without the intrusion of court instructions. This can lead to the important preservation of both business relationships and productivity.

At Wilson Browne Solicitors our award winning team have already helped numerous clients to reach agreements in their disputes, saving them both considerably money and stress by not taking the matter to trial.

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“We entered the mediation process with no experience and a lot of trepidation. The guidance and support we received from David and his colleagues both prior to the event and throughout the mediation was excellent, both in the advice we were offered and the guidance through the process. He was able to help us make the right decisions without making the decision for us, which we found both helpful and empowering.”

– Paul Taylor, Great Park Street Methodist Church