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Reasons to choose Wilson Browne

Our Family Law Solicitors in Northampton offer compassionate, cost-effective advice and will help you with any issues regarding family law.

When you choose to talk to us about your legal family issue, whether you’re planning a new relationship or looking to divorce or separate you’ll find our experienced Family Law team are prepared to support and listen to you, giving practical legal advice.

Our Family law team in Northampton is conveniently located at Grange Park, with ample parking as well as friendly, welcoming offices.

The Wilson Browne Family Law team is one of the most established teams in the area and are available for you to meet at our offices in Northampton and across Northamptonshire.

Regrettably, there is no Legal Aid for divorce cases but we do offer a range of fixed fees.

Our family solicitors based in Northampton cover the whole field of Family Law including:

  • Divorce – clear and concise advice for when a relationship breaks down, including “no fault divorce”.
  • Prenuptial or Postnuptial agreements – help for you to plan your assets at the start of a relationship or following a marriage or civil partnership.
  • Mediation – the method of resolving family disputes voluntarily and with confidentiality.
  • Domestic Violence – legal advice for victims and those who are accused of domestic violence.
  • Children, Residency or Custody – issues regarding the custody and residency arrangements.

Mediation is an ideal solution where there are disputes that concern housing, finances and/or children and comes without the expense, worry and adversarial nature of court appearances and litigation.

Our Northampton Family Law team can help you plan to protect your assets at the start of a relationship and give you clear advice in the rare event that your relationship breaks down, whether that be about finances, children, property or getting a divorce. We know how vital it can be to make the correct decisions about your future and we are here to help you through the process from the very start.

For all of our Family law services, the pricing is refreshingly straightforward and transparent, including an initial free phone call.

Family Law Services


The legal process of terminating a civil partnership/marriage through a court procedure (that rarely ends up in court.) Divorce typically takes between eight and nine months if undisputed and can formally be issued after 1 year of marriage or a civil partnership.

When dealing with divorce or separation there are a number of things to consider:

  • responsibility for debt
  • division of assets in business
  • distribution of savings and assets
  • payments towards recurring maintenance
  • issues related to pension sharing

A typical separation or divorce can be an expensive process. Our Northampton based Family Lawyers aim to be as transparent as possible when it comes to costs throughout the whole process.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Before marriage, you may be considering a prenuptial agreement to deal with issues regarding finance and property ownership. It is also recommended to regularly have these arrangements regularly reviewed over the course of the relationship in case circumstances have changed – known as a postnuptial agreement. In the event of the relationship breaking down these agreements can be used in court should they be considered fair, but are not necessarily binding. The agreements can be used as the basis of a financial settlement when dealing with divorce proceedings.

Cohabitation Agreements

Unmarried partners are considered differently to married couples by law. With a cohabitation agreement, we can help to set out clear arrangements that deal with anything from household contents to property ownership. Our Family Law specialists in Northampton can help to create a bespoke Cohabitation Agreement based on your personal circumstances which will deal with any issues that arise should the relationship break down.


A method of resolving disputed in a voluntary and confidential manner. Mediation is an ideal solution when dealing with disputes concerning housing, finance or children. The aim is to come to a settlement or resolution and to avoid the expense and stress from potential litigation and court appearances through the use of an impartial mediator.

Mediation is available before or during a dispute. A typical session will last over an hour and will be flexible around all parties involved in contrast to the rigid system of court proceedings. Any member attending mediation is entitled to take their own legal advice at any time.

Domestic Violence

Physical injury, threats, verbal abuse, harassment, or bullying from someone close to you are all examples of domestic violence. We can offer advice when moving forward, which could mean police involvement, defending an application or processing the use of undertakings.

The costs can often be recovered from the other person if the court orders it, but only if you’re making the application yourself. This will be discussed during the initial consultation.

Children, Residency (aka Custody"

Children are often at the centre of a dispute when a relationship breaks down. All any of us want is what’s best for the child, and that’s why having a Family Law specialist is so important. Our experienced family lawyers will outline the key options available to resolve these issues whether through court proceedings or a mutual agreement.

If an agreement cannot be reached there are a number of Court Orders that can be submitted. At Wilson Browse we will be there every step of the way to offer advice and reassurance through the whole process.

Childcare & Adoption

Childcare proceedings can be a tough and stressful time. Our team aim to make the process as smooth as possible by outlining the full legal process along with the timescales involved. We’re here to help you understand the vast maze of legal processes that are mandatory when adopting a child. If necessary we can also attend and take on any necessary court proceeding, meetings or conferences.

These services are available from our expert Family Law team based in Northampton. For more information contact us today on 0800 088 6004.

If you have a family related issue and are looking for expert advice our dedicated Family Law team in Northampton are on hand to offer support and resolve your issue as smoothly as possible. We can meet you at any of our UK based offices where you’ll be drawing on the experience and expertise of one of the most established teams in the area.

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We are delighted that our Family Law team has been recognised by the Legal 500, a Who’s Who of the legal profession.

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