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Childcare Solicitors/Lawyers In Northampton.

Reasons to choose Wilson Browne

Are you looking for a Childcare Solicitor/Lawyer in Northamptonshire, perhaps because Social Services are involved?

If you need help because Social Services are involved or need advice on childcare or adoption legal proceedings, our team of Childcare & Social Services solicitors are here to help.

They can help you to understand the legal process, the steps taken, the timescales involved and above all we will help guide you through the legal maze you face in simple, easy to understand terms.

About our Childcare / Social Services Solicitors/Lawyers in Northamptonshire.

Did you know that we have a dedicated child care team in our Northampton offices, who can offer advice and representation on the following matters:

  • Pre-proceedings work and PLO – when the local authority ask you to attend a meeting because they are worried about the safety of your child
  • Care proceedings – when the local authority tell you that they ate going to Court because they are worried about the safety of your child whether it is due to neglect, physical or emotional abuse or injury.
  • Non-accidental injury – when your child has suffered an injury and there is a suggestion that the injury was not an accident but a deliberate act.
  • Parental Alienation – when there are concerns that a child has been alienated from one of their patents by the other parent
  • Adoption – when you are looking to adopt a child or when you are opposing an adoption of a child
  • Special Guardianship Orders and assessments – we can advise on the merits and shortcomings of such an order, draft applications and assist through any court proceedings. 
  • Discharge of a Care Order – when there is no need for the local authority to hold parental responsibility for a child any longer we can advise on any application and provide representation through the court process.

Our team have years of experience and are all on the prestigious Law Society children panel, so you can expect a high level of professional service.

We know that your children are your world and that any interference in your family life is very hard and stressful and so we promise not to judge but be sympathetic to what is happening to you.  We will offer helpful advice and be straight talking but fair and honest.

To find our more about the team, simply look at the profiles below which will tell you all you need to know about the individual lawyers.