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Early Case Assessment for Employers

Reasons to choose Wilson Browne

Are you an employer or HR professional facing a complex employment issue that could lead to costly and time-consuming litigation?

Why not ask an expert employment solicitor to help you find a solution? We can help you identify risks, form a plan, and set you on the path to resolving the problem.

We provide an early case assessment for a fixed fee of £300 plus VAT. The assessment includes:

  • a consultation of up to one hour with a specialist employment solicitor,
  • identifying potential claims the employee could bring,
  • an initial view on the strength of those claims*,
  • the likely value of those claims,
  • what steps to take to avoid any claims or mitigate the risk, and
  • any alternative avenues available to you to resolve the dispute, such as settlement agreements.

The early case assessment is intended to guide you when it comes to deciding on the best way of dealing with the issue; we’ll provide you with specific advice based on your circumstances, rather than the generic advice which may otherwise be provided as part of a free initial consultation.

The early case assessment does not include a review of any documents relevant to your issue, but these can, of course, be discussed with your solicitor during the assessment.

However, some more complex issues may benefit from a thorough review of any relevant documents. To help us identify those cases, we ask that you complete a questionnaire in advance of your assessment. If we decide that an early case assessment may not be suitable, we will let you know and provide you with some alternative options.

Following the first assessment, we will recommend regular reviews at certain milestones to ensure that your method of resolving the issue remains appropriate.

*We’ll give you an informed and pragmatic view based on our knowledge, expertise, and experience but please be aware we cannot guarantee the outcome of any litigation.

If you’re interested in obtaining an expert view on your employment issue, please get in touch with a member of the Employment Team.