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Settlement Agreements

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If you need advice on the terms of a Settlement Agreement, we’re the expert assistance you need.

If you are offered a settlement agreement by your employer, you will need to take legal advice before it can be finalised and signed – we can help!

if I need a solicitor in the future Aimee Johns / Wilson Browne will be my first port of call , thank you for your time and attention in this settlement.

A settlement agreement (formerly known as a compromise agreement) is a legally binding agreement between an employer and an employee. Commonly, under the terms of the agreement the employee agrees not to pursue a potential claim against their employer or former employer, in return for financial compensation. However, a settlement agreement will not be legally binding unless the employee obtains independent legal advice prior to signing.

What do we do?

  1. Identify your objectives;
  2. Discuss your entitlements;
  3. Explain what signing means for you;
  4. Advise if it’s the best deal for you in the given circumstances; and
  5. Minimise the stress in, what can be, a difficult situation.

Why is it important?

By signing the agreement you are giving up rights to bring claims in respect of your employment and/or its termination. This is why it is crucial that we help you to identify if the deal is right.

We understand that when a settlement agreement has been offered, the relationship between you and your employer may have broken down or become strained. Whenever this is the case we can assist by liaising directly with your employer on your behalf and therefore minimise the contact you have with your employer; and/or conduct negotiations on your behalf to help achieve the best possible settlement for you

How much will it cost?

We know that at these times, the last thing you will want is a big legal bill from us. We therefore aim to work within the fee contribution sum which your employer usually offers to pay if you sign the agreement. In those cases when this is not possible, we will identify this early in the process so you have the ability to make decisions which are right for you and without a hefty price tag.

Why use us?

1. We give clear and jargon-free advice;
2. We have a practical, friendly and down to earth approach and always put your needs at the forefront;
3. Specialist employment law solicitors will handle the matter from start to finish.

Please view our guide on settlement agreements for further information.

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