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Debt – Managing Debt & Cash Flow

Reasons to choose Wilson Browne

We want to help business!

Wilson Browne Solicitors will give ALL business clients TEN FREE debt recovery letters (over up to 6 months) for unpaid invoices, until further notice.

This applies to both NEW AND EXISTING clients. Simply quote ‘WBcashflow’.

This is not about us chasing ambulances, there is no catch. We know that some businesses will ‘hoard’ cash at the moment which can have a devastating effect on businesses, large & small. This is about protecting your own cash flow & reminding them politely but firmly of their obligations – so you can pay your bills too.

We can all lean on each other.

We offer:

  • Fixed price pre-action letter (minimum fee that usually applies is waived until further notice)
  • Late Payment interest and compensation calculated & added where appropriate at no extra charge.
  • Beyond the letter (no obligation):
  • Free credit checks on debtors before proceedings
  • Fixed costs proceedings
  • Enforcement of Judgments.

You can trust us to help you get your money.

We’ve been in debt recovery for local businesses for over 25 years.

Contact David Farmer for details.

Let us help.