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Wills and LPAs: Martin Lewis (Money Saving Expert) Says…

Death happens – plan for it

20+ crucial checks to minimise financial trauma

We could tell you why you should make a Will and why not doing so may be a false economy.

We could tell you why Inheritance Tax planning is not the preserve of the rich and famous.

We could tell you why, even if you’re young and fit, a Lasting Power Of Attorney is a good idea…

…but if the advice is coming from a recognised independent expert, then don’t just take our word for it, read what Martin Lewis says.

We applaud Martin for bringing this to people’s attention but would also caution anyone intending to buy such important services based purely on price – that’s unlikely to be the smart decision.

Whilst Martin discusses many different ways to make a Will, we cannot stress enough how important it is to ensure that it works from a legal viewpoint, and that you have taken professional advice to make sure what you are doing works best in your circumstances.  Many people are surprised by the amount of thought required and the options available, which can be missed without good advice.

At Wilson Browne we offer practical, professional advice individually tailored to you based on a wealth of experience.

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