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Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Code of Practice for England

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On 8 April 2024, the Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Code of Practice for England was published following the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) response to the Rock Review to promote more collaboration between landlords and tenants and their professional advisers.

The Code of Good Practice (“the Code”) is a voluntary code designed to provide guidance for landlords, tenants and professional advisers to improve industry standards on three key principles, clarity, communication and collaboration, in a number of areas including for:

  • Tenancy agreements, rent reviews, repairs and improvements, and on termination and renewal.
  • New opportunities and schemes, where landlords should not withhold consent unreasonably and tenancy agreements should not contain blanket bans on a tenant’s participation in new schemes.
  • Disputes and the role of professional advisers and agents, where all parties should seek to minimise the cost of formal dispute resolution.

The code has cross-sectoral support and is the work of the Farm Tenancy Forum (FTF), which was established as a result of the need for a more regulated conduct between landlords and tenants in the agricultural sector in England.

RICS: Agricultural Landlord-Tenant Code of Practice for England (8 April 2024)
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