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Should the Government reform the existing Divorce Law

As featured in “ The Guardian” today, Sir James Mumby (the most senior family Judge in England & Wales) has stated that the Government should reform the existing Divorce Law and ensure the streamlining of a new online Divorce procedure.

There have been many legal professionals who have been calling for the actual Divorce work to be entirely separated from any arguments or applications to do with finances on Divorce.
Sir James Mumby has suggested that there be a complete separation of these two very distinct processes.
The actual process involved in getting a Divorce is largely an administrative exercise whereas a Court application to deal with finances upon Divorce is an entirely different process by its nature involving Court hearings.
Many believe that the time has now come for a no fault Divorce system as well.  Sir James Mumby has criticised the Government for a “lamentable history of procrastination” in reforming the current Divorce Law.
Sir James Mumby whilst in favour of a streamlined online Divorce procedure has said that the time has come for in addition a complete separation of Divorce and money and that with finances on Divorce the time has come for there to be a more clearly defined single set of Rules providing for a common procedure and process.
It is surely beneficial to divorcing couples if the stress of an emotionally difficult time can be eased by the Court system itself by making the obtaining of a Divorce itself simple.
In terms of finances on Divorce, due to the level of judicial discretion involved in these sorts of cases there still remains a vital need for people to be able to access good quality and practical advice from an experienced family lawyer.
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Source The Guardian
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