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G.P. Medico Legal Training – 25th 0ctober 2018

Reasons to choose Wilson Browne

Nimisha Bhayani solicitor in our Medical Negligence Team was invited to attend the Leicester General Hospital on 25th October 2018.

She presented a talk to General Practitioners (Level ST2) on behalf of Wilson Browne at the request of Dina Nathwani who is a former solicitor and now a teacher.

The presentation consisted of the types of work and the variety of cases Wilson Browne undertake within the medical negligence team. Nimisha explained the legal test in proving a medical negligence case and the process we undergo to run such cases.

Also discussed was the challenges and pressures that the G.P’s are up against resulting in medical errors whilst explaining the consequences and harm caused to a patient when a G.P fails to provide them with a reasonable standard of care.

Finally, she presented some common examples and case studies pertaining to G.P negligence, accompanied with some statistical data and the importance of incorporating good G.P practice to ensure patient safety with the aim to avoid legal claims.

The presentation was very interactive and well received and Nimisha looks forward to giving similar presentations in the future.

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