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Family Law: Dealing With Domestic Abuse And Divorce

Today is “White Ribbon Day”, a day marked by Resolution as launch day for its new advice for parents dealing with domestic abuse and divorce.

Resolution have worked hard to put together specific advice for parents on how to balance parenting arrangements after divorce where there has been abuse, with keeping themselves and their children safe.
The focus is on communication with children during divorce and there are some excellent practical tips on how to manage difficult, even potentially incendiary, situations.
There are some situations where it isn’t possible to have a  cooperative parenting relationship so Resolution look at  how domestic abuse can affect children and provide tips
on how to talk to children about domestic abuse and  addiction. It also looks at what you can do if your “ex” tries to turn your children against you and provides  some general tips for managing difficult situations.
To kick-start the campaign, On 24 November, the second day of Family Dispute Resolution Week 2015, Resolution sent representatives  to Parliament to tell MPs how they can support parents in their constituencies to put children first during divorce.
Hosted by Caroline Nokes MP, the speaker line up for the event included:
•    Bob Greig, founder of single father support organisation OnlyDads, who gave a powerful testimonial of the issues he sees in his work with separated families, including violence and the issues caused by lack of legal support.
•    Resolution chair Jo Edwards, who asked MPs and influencers to support the Resolution ethos and work with us to reduce the impact of divorce conflict on children by supporting out of court dispute resolution and introducing no fault divorce.
•    Family Justice Minister Caroline Dinenage, who spoke about her  commitment to promoting lower-conflict options for divorcing couples and the need to facilitate the inclusion of children in the divorce process.
Sally Robinson, Partner in the Family Team at Wilson Browne Solicitors says:

Following on from yesterday’s comments and, regarding the excellent work of Resolution, we can only add that we always try to help parents involved in a divorce to reach an amicable solution and, to keep the needs and the feelings of any children at the front of their minds. One such route is Mediation which can be used to help separating couples resolve issues that arise, during or after separation or divorce in a constructive and structured way.
Despite everyone’s best intentions, mediation isn’t always appropriate but that doesn’t stop us aiming for an amicable solution. It’s knowing what options are available and having the experience to guide people that is important. Divorce can be a stressful and testing time but we’re here to help our clients through what can be, troubled waters.