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Vikki Hawkins

Vikki Hawkins,

0800 088 6004

Vikki is a Paralegal in the Court of Protection Team, dedicated to managing the day-to-day financial and property affairs of our deputyship and attorney clients.

With long-standing experience in accounting responsibility and the management of operational budgets, Vikki supports the financial management in the best interest of each individual.

Whether it’s budgeting for personal expenses or supporting on larger matters, including inheritance, investments and property, she makes sure that she understands her clients’ needs across all aspects of their lives.

Vikki also assists with the case management of several vulnerable people who still live in the community and enables them to be involved as much as possible in decisions involving their money.

Vikki thrives on building relationships within Wilson Browne, with our clients and connects with a host of members from the local community; Vikki is also a Dementia Friend.

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