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Wills And Trusts…When Celebs Get It Wrong

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‘If I died now, Pete would get everything’: Katie Price admits she hasn’t changed her Will since splitting from ex husband Peter Andre… despite tying the knot twice since.

Katie Price was live on TV discussing her Will when she touched upon her wishes, not realising that she, like many, is actually misinformed…showing that even the rich & famous can make simple mistakes.

We make no apology for saying so…that’s just plain wrong. A Will from a previous marriage is automatically revoked upon entering a new marriage. Perhaps she is relying on the good will and good nature of her ‘ex’, but that’s not what we’d recommend.

The misinformation is perpetuated by the media – even some of the national daily tabloids. That’s the problem in a ‘post-fact world’: no one checks the accuracy of what’s published.

Our recommendation: think about having your Will ‘health checked’ if:

  • You marry, re-marry, or divorce
  • You have children
  • Your circumstances change or there’s a significant ‘life event’
  • You find you come into money, perhaps through inheritance
  • Your Will hasn’t been updated in 3 years or more
  • Death of a beneficiary, executor or guardian
  • Gifts of specific items – if you no longer have the particular item or want it to go to someone different
  • Foreign property
  • Business interests – if you have started a new business or your business interests have changed
  • Insurance policies – if you have acquired a financial product with a life policy element
  • Trusts – if you have acquired an interest under a trust

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