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Medical Negligence – NHS ‘Never Event’ Errors

It has been reported (click to read the full story) that there have been 1,200 victims of ‘never event’ errors made by the NHS in the past four years with an average of six patients a week falling victim.

A ‘never event’ incident is categorised as a mistake so serious it should never happen but such incidents are affecting the lives of hundreds of patients.
‘Never event’ incidents include surgeons operating and leaving instruments and foreign objects inside patients, including scalpels and needles; surgeons getting the intended organ or limb muddled up known as ‘wrong site surgery’ and patients falling from windows because they have not been closed properly.
Examples of ‘never event’ incidents, which have recently been reported, include a woman who had her kidneys removed instead of her ovaries, fallopian tubes taken out rather than the appendix, ovaries removed instead of them being conserved, leaving these patients infertile and a man who had his testicle removed rather than the cyst on it, to patients being given the wrong types of hip or knee replacements on the wrong limb. Other potentially fatal mistakes can include patients being given the wrong medication, the wrong dose of chemotherapy and instead of oxygen, ordinary air.
At Wilson Browne, the Medical Negligence (Clinical Negligence) Team have experience in representing clients who have fallen victim to negligence whilst seeking medical attention. We have experience in recovering damages for our clients who have suffered medical negligence (clinical negligence) which include compensation for pain and suffering, future care costs and for incidents which has caused a psychological injury to the patient.
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