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Update on Jack Adcock Manslaughter Verdicts In Medical Negligence Case

Friday 26th January 2018

Further updates to the original story published in 2015.

A senior doctor, 35, who was convicted of manslaughter over errors that resulted in the death of Jack Adcock, aged six, can be struck off, the High Court rules.
The Clinical/Medical Negligence Team at Wilson Browne Solicitors represented the family in the original inquest and those close to the case can take some comfort in seeing justice to be done, insomuch as Dr Bawa Garba has been prevented from practising in the future.
All credit to Mr and Mrs Adcock who have worked tirelessly and courageously for justice for their son Jack.

The Jack Adcock story has rightly made national headlines receiving widespread coverage across the media, with verdicts of manslaughter through gross negligence for doctor Hadiza Bawa-Garba and agency nurse Isabel Amaro.
Prior to the criminal case, Wilson Browne Solicitors were approached by the Adcock family and were the firm chosen by the Adcocks to represent them both at the Inquest and in the initial Medical Negligence claim.
The police were investigating at the time the family instructed Wilson Browne Solicitors, but arrived at the conclusion that they didn’t have enough evidence to proceed. Having progressed to an inquest (at which Wilson Browne represented the family), the independent Doctor (whom the police had instructed) gave on day 5 of a 10 day hearing, evidence which indicated that Jack would have survived but for negligent treatment.
This now clear evidence had not been immediately apparent in the written submission and the coroner therefore immediately adjourned and spoke further to the police: it was decided to suspend the inquest and for the police to re-investigate – something that has now been proven to be the right decision.
The focus at this time is quite rightly on the criminal proceedings, impending sentencing and most importantly, on the family – our thoughts are with them.