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How often should I chase my conveyancing solicitor?

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For many people, the conveyancing process can be an anxious time due to the large amount of money involved, the number of things to coordinate, and the emotional upheaval of moving to a new home.

A conveyancing solicitor is there to relieve the strain as much as possible by taking responsibility for a range of matters.

Given how central the conveyancing solicitor is to the process, it’s natural that many people want to contact them for a progress report on a regular basis – while also not wanting to overdo it.

Chasing conveyancing solicitors – what is the right balance?

There is no right or wrong answer over chasing conveyancing solicitors with much depending on your own judgement.

This may vary depending on circumstances – some may feel that contacting their solicitor once a week is a good balance initially but want more regular reports as the completion date nears or if any unexpected problems occur.

The issue of chasing conveyancing solicitors can be avoided in advance by hiring a solicitor with a reputation for proactively keeping clients informed of progress.

Word of mouth and online reviews are a good way of drawing up a shortlist and you may then wish to have a preliminary chat with each of your potential choices to get a feeling of whether they are right for you.

How can I speed up the conveyancing process?

While your solicitor will play a crucial role in the process there are steps you can take yourself to speed things up.

Respond quickly to any requests from your solicitor

Should your solicitor request any information, or ask you to fill in any forms, it’s vital you respond as quickly as possible as any delay on your part could have a knock-on effect on the whole transaction.

Declare a ‘gifted deposit’ as soon as possible

It’s becoming increasingly common for buyers to be given money by close family members to help them pay the deposit on their home. Your lender will require detailed information on this and so you should make them and your solicitor aware as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Make an ally of your estate agent

Your estate agent is likely to have considerable experience of the process together with a strong financial interest in the transaction being completed as soon as possible. By keeping them informed of progress and providing contact details for the various people involved in the process you give them the chance to use their expertise to speed things up.

How can Wilson Browne help speed up the conveyancing process?

Wilson Browne is committed to the highest standards of customer service and will provide regular updates on progress.

Our extensive network of branches across the East Midlands means we have a thorough understanding of the local property market and strong relationships with other professionals involved in the conveyancing process.

Please get in touch on 0800 088 6004 or complete our online contact form.

Jenny Woodruff


Jenny Woodruff


Jenny is a Partner and head of the Residential Conveyancing Team. She has extensive knowledge of the conveyancing process, including: dealing with freehold and leasehold sales & purchases; new build purchases; remortgages; transfers of equity; shared ownership; help to buy transactions & general property advice.