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Christmas Gifts: Do Your Due Diligence!

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With Christmas around the corner, we begin to stray into the dangerous territory of last minute Christmas gift buying.

Whether a Secret Santa for a work colleague, saying thank you to a friend, or sending something with love to a family member it is key that you do your due diligence.

  • Financial Due Diligence – This is fundamental to any gift buying. Make sure that you stay within budget and, crucially, that the gift value is in-keeping with the relationship and expectations. No one wants that awkward situation of exchanging gifts and you’ve brought someone a small box of chocolates and they send you a large one!
  • Commercial Due Diligence – Don’t rush to buy the first thing that you see. Do your research, making sure that you not only know the recipient and what they will love and appreciate but also that you’ve shopped around to get the best value for your money (see point one on financial due diligence).
  • Legal Due Diligence – With the best will in the world, you may not always get it right. Therefore, making sure that you understand where you stand legally is key. Is there a gift receipt? Is there an extended return or exchange period? What if the product is faulty when opened – know your consumer rights and legal position before you commit.

We hope that you do find this whistlestop guide to gift-buying useful.

Of course, the team at Wilson Browne are experts in acquisitions of all sizes and regardless of the nature of the deal, the fundamental due diligence principles apply to all.

Holly Threlfall


Holly Threlfall


Holly is a Partner and Head of our Company & Commercial Team. She has experience of dealing with companies of all sizes, owner managed businesses, SMEs, Private Limited Companies, partnerships and charities.