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3 Year old died from Pneumococcal Septicemia

Case: Johan Pambou – 3 Year old died from pneumococcal septicemia as GP failed to vaccinate him against a rare blood disease.

A General Practitioner has been found guilty of gross failure in giving a life saving vaccine after the death of a Three-year-old child died.
A GP failed to vaccinate a toddler against a rare blood disease, which led to his death. An inquest heard that the three-year-old toddler died from pneumococcal septicemia following the ‘’gross failure’’ failure by his G.P
The toddler’s GP practice had received four letters from his hospital consultants requesting that he receive the 23-Valent pneumococcal vaccine. However he never received the vaccination and as a result died from pneumococcal septicemia after being admitted to the hospital with sickle cell crisis.
The inquest of 19th April 2017 revealed that the toddler was under the care of a Consultant Pediatric Hematologist at a Children’s hospital. On 04th February last year the Consultant wrote a letter to the toddler’s doctor requesting a vaccine to be given to the toddler, however the GP failed to take any action.  Despite further letters being sent on 14th March, 11thAugust and 24th November they were not followed up.
On 06th December of last year due to feeling unwell, the youngster was admitted to the hospital where he was being treated for abdominal sickle cell crisis. His condition deteriorated and on the same day he was then admitted to intensive care at a Children’s Hospital and thereafter on 11th December he tragically died.
The coroner in the case recorded a narrative verdict stating that the toddler died from the pneumococcal septicemia with a lack of the 23-Valent pneumococcal vaccine being administered to him contributing to his death.
Clearly this incident was entirely preventable. If the GP had taken the correct course of action by ensuring the toddler received the relevant vaccine in time, then his death would have been avoidable.
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Source : ITV NEWS
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