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Acquisition & Disposal

Reasons to choose Wilson Browne

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Taking over a business or exiting one is a big undertaking.

Taking over a business or exiting one can be a big undertaking, it requires both time and energy and a law firm you can trust.

When it comes to buying, selling or disposing of a business, we understand that some clients are well versed in the legal issues involved – for others, speaking with us may be the first time that specialist advice has been sought. At Wilson Browne Solicitors our award winning team have advised numerous clients in connection with business sales and purchases allowing you to count on our expert advice no matter what your situation.

We work with our clients and alongside accountants and financiers to identify risks and assist in finding the right solution, all whilst continually striving to keep matters on budget and on track. We have a reputation for giving sound legal advice whilst remaining approachable and pragmatic. With offices across Northamptonshire and Leicestershire we can meet you at a location convenient to you.

To support you, we offer a wide range of fee solutions:

  • Fixed Price
  • Success (incentivised) Fee
  • Hourly Rate
  • Discounted Fee/Risk/Reward Sharing
  • Cap and Collar
  • Blended Rates
  • Retainer Service
  • Business Health Check Rates
  • Blended Options

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