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Winter Sports…Have Fun, Be Safe, Be Prepared.

Reasons to choose Wilson Browne

As skiing and snowboarding become more popular each year, the slopes get more crowded. The increase in the number of participants and the fact that there is some inevitable overcrowding can lead to increased risks. Safety equipment helps but the risks never go away.

Collisions on the ski slopes are on the increase

Collisions on the slopes are responsible for a third of head injuries and one-third of serious concussions…so wear a helmet! With nearly 97% of children and 72% of adolescents up on the slopes already wearing helmets, adults are seriously lagging behind with a mere 37% of adults wearing helmets while skiing or snowboarding.

Protective equipment is just that…protective: it doesn’t make you invincible and freak accidents can happen even on the safety of the nursery slopes.

Are you insured?

According to Abta (the UK association for tour operators and travel agents) one-third of people do not check whether their travel insurance covers winter sports before heading to the mountains. This means that something in the region of 1.75 million Britons will go on a ski holiday this season, heading onto the slopes each day without the correct cover.

Furthest from your mind?

Nobody wants to talk about it. Nobody wants to even consider it…but winter sports can be dangerous.

Everyone should “live life to the max” but take sensible precautions: wear protective equipment; ski within your limits; make sure you have good insurance…and give some serious thought to your Will and even a Lasting Power of Attorney. We can probably think of several high profile people who have had unfortunate or tragic accidents on the slopes.

Why make a Will?

Making a Will can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that in the event of your death your wishes will be carried out.

Your assets can be administered in the way you would want, setting out important choices such as your funeral arrangements, guardians for minor (young) children, and any gifts. A Will can help reduce tax liabilities –  more and more people find that they are worth more than they thought and that their estates will be subject to Inheritance Tax: making a Will can enable you to plan for matters in a way that reduces the liability for Inheritance Tax.

Why you should make an LPA now?

If you make an LPA you are making it easier for your friends/family to look after you and your affairs if you are unable to do so in the future, or if things just become too difficult for you to deal with.

Running your financial property and affairs may become difficult for any one of a number of reasons…including a nasty accident on holiday.

By making an LPA you control who manages your affairs for you and how they do it. If you need help in the future and you don’t have an LPA the process is determined by the Court and it can be onerous, expensive and time-consuming.

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Enjoy the snow, enjoy the slopes, but don’t overlook the need to think about “what happens if”.

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