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So, You’ve Been Offered A Settlement Agreement.

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With many companies taking a review of their finances, it’s usual for them to take stock and review staffing requirements. Given the unprecedented and turbulent trading period of the past year or so, and the yet unknowns of 2022, it’s likely that reviews will be undertaken more than ever.

Many businesses are still reporting significant upturns in business and a difficulty in finding staff. Sadly, this is not the position for all. In some instances, market forces have negatively affected the products or services offered; this can result in those organisations having to make difficult decisions related to staffing including headcount reductions through restructuring and/or redundancies. If you find yourself being impacted by a headcount reduction at your organisation, you may be offered a Settlement Agreement.

The “settlement agreement” conversation can be approached in a number of different ways. For instance, you might be invited to attend a “protected conversation” meeting often referred to as “without prejudice” or “off the record” at which a severance/exit package might be suggested to you subject to you entering into a settlement agreement. If this happens to you, try to stay calm, let your employer do the talking and take notes. Bear in mind that nothing that is discussed or offered at the meeting is binding until you have taken legal advice and signed a Settlement Agreement.

And this is where we can help. Our job is to guide you through the process, help take away some of the stress and anxiety and make what can be an uncertain time a little easier for you. We recognise that the prospect of losing your job can require a huge adjustment; it’s normal for you to experience anyone or more of a number of emotions such as anger, shock, bitterness, even relief.

At Wilson Browne, whatever the situation and whatever emotions you are going through, our priority is to make the process as easy and painless as possible. Our team will support you from the first call you make to us through to whatever decision you come to about the agreement. And we’ll make sure you have the right information so you can decide if the settlement agreement is right for you.

You may wonder “what is this going to cost me?”. It is usual for employers to make a contribution towards your legal fees when you are offered a Settlement Agreement. This is not an unlimited amount but we can normally give you all the advice you need within the amount your employer pays. And if you are worried that your employer’s contribution is not enough to cover your fees, with your agreement we can contact them on your behalf to negotiate an increase so that you don’t have to!

Please take a look at our Settlement Agreement FAQs here which gives you more background and information.

We also offer a free first call in the event we haven’t answered any questions you may still have about the overall process.

You can view some of our client testimonials here

So, if you are offered a settlement agreement, please do call us we’re all the help you need.


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