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Protected species: Natural England publishes updated standing advice to local planning authorities and new guidance for developers

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Natural England (NE) has published:

• Updated standing advice for local planning authorities (LPAs) on protected species and development. The standing advice sets out what LPAs need to consider when making decisions on planning applications, including survey requirements, assessing information provided by developers, agreeing avoidance, mitigation or compensation measures, considering whether a protected species licence is likely to be granted, and making a decision. NE has streamlined and simplified the updated guidance making it easier to distinguish between planning and licensing requirements. This advice can be read here

• New guidance for developers on how to prepare a planning application when there are protected species on or near a proposed development site. – This advice can be read here

• Updated species-specific standing advice to LPAs on assessing a planning application when there are great crested newts on or near a proposed development site. NE will review the standing advice for other key protected species in 2021. This advice can be read here

Tom Warrender


Tom Warrender


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