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Pandemic Problems

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Divorce enquiries have soared during the pandemic which has mainly been driven by women and with the introduction of the no fault divorce law coming into effect on 6 April, we could see this rise.

Around three quarters of couples who separated or divorced said they had no tensions before the pandemic began but the stress and pressures of the pandemic have led to the breakdown of the relationship.  Jessica Leech from the Family Law team comments

“When we hear about the pandemic, so often we hear about ‘loss’. The loss of lives, the loss of social interaction, the loss of a life we once knew. These figures are no different, highlighting the loss of marriages, civil partnerships and relationships at the hands of the pandemic.

The pandemic has become a magnifying glass no-one asked for, yet no-one can avoid. It has highlighted pre-existing issues in relationships in an already high pressure environment. It was inevitable this strange new world would have an impact on marriages. However, with no respite, no outside human interaction and the sad death of the all-important ‘date night’, perhaps none of us really appreciated how much of an impact it would truly have.

Not only has the pandemic highlighted pre-existing issues, it has created new issues for couples to navigate; from financial pressures, homeworking and grief. It has been the ultimate ‘pressure-cooker’ for relationships which many have clearly been unable to survive.

They say you never truly know someone until you live with them. Perhaps the truth is that you never truly know someone until you are forced to isolate with them for months on end in the midst of a pandemic.”

If your marriage has also been impacted by the pandemic and you require some advice on divorce proceedings, please do not hesitate to contact the Family team who will be more than happy to explore your options with you.

Jess Leech


Jess Leech


Jess is an Associate & Legal 500 Recommended Solicitor in our Family Law Team, who advises clients on all areas of Private Family Law including Injunction Orders (Non-Molestation and Occupation Orders), Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements, Divorce, Separation of Finances, Cohabitee Disputes and Children Matters.