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How You Can Help During Big Energy Savings Week If You Have A LPA Or Deputyship Order

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At this time of year, the cost of heating a home can cause great worry for some of the elderly and vulnerable people in our community, particularly with the news that energy bills are set to increase.

Big Energy Saving Week runs from 17 to 24 January and is a national campaign to help people cut their fuel bills and get all the financial support they are entitled to.

If you are managing the financial affairs of a loved one under a Lasting Power of Attorney or a Deputyship Order you are not limited to overseeing their bank account and ensuring their bills are paid. Perhaps your family member is still living in their own home and you have continued to pay bills with existing energy providers. Often an elderly person has remained with the same energy provider for many years purely due to familiarity, however, this is not always the most cost-effective option. As an attorney or deputy, you have the authority to switch energy companies and potentially save your loved ones money on annual fuel costs.

There are many benefits available to elderly or vulnerable people. A simple online questionnaire with a benefits checker will let you know what financial support they may be entitled to, such as attendance allowance, pension credit, housing benefit or council tax support. A person living alone in their own home suffering from a mental impairment can be entitled to receive an exemption from council tax. Certain benefits can also entitle a person to cheaper tariffs with energy, telephone and water providers and as a financial representative, you can contact these organisations and discuss what options are available.

Why not give their bank account a thorough review and cancel any unnecessary payments. It may be that they are paying insurance on items they no longer own, such as domestic appliances, or bank charges which provide them with holiday insurance or car breakdown cover.

With a little time and knowledge of benefits available, you can increase your loved one’s income and expenditure, freeing up much-needed cash for the nicer things in life.

At Wilson Browne Solicitors we have a dedicated team responsible for the management of financial affairs of such elderly or vulnerable people. If you require any advice or assistance in relation to these matters or you have a loved one you believe would benefit from having an appointed Attorney or Deputy please contact the Court of Protection Team who will be happy to help.

Rachel Hayes


Rachel Hayes


Rachel is a member of the Court of Protection Team. She assists with the general administration of financial affairs under a Power of Attorney, including making applications to the Court of Protection.