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Rising Stars Network

Reasons to choose Wilson Browne

What is it?

It is a brand-new networking group for the future leaders, managers, partners, or directors of professionals. Professionals could mean anything from bankers to financial advisors to estate agents to lawyers and so so much more.

Why are we doing it?

Networking always seems to be aimed at the more senior employees, the managers, the owners, or the partners of any given profession. Attending networking events for the first time can be daunting and some events are just not right for those just starting out.

We want to create a networking group where more junior employees who aspire to be leaders can meet amongst their peers. A relaxed group where they can feel comfortable and can grow confidence (especially if they are new to the world of networking). It will give them an opportunity to build connections, meet new people and create new relationships for now and to carry with them into the future.

What we hope to achieve?

We would like to bring a whole new group of people together, to widen their personal network, help them grow confidence in networking but also so they are able to build on connections and create new ones for now and for the future.

As they grow, develop and get promoted, they will (hopefully!) be doing this alongside those they meet through the Rising Stars Network, and this means the businesses network grows too. It is always better to be able to recommend or introduce to someone you know personally rather than just a company name- this will provide an opportunity to build your network now to grow with you and your career.

Who would benefit from attending?

  • The future leaders or managers of the business.
  • Those currently in training to qualify or to take the next step in their career.
  • Those currently gaining experience and working towards that next promotion.
  • Those who aspire to be a leader, a manager, a director, or a partner in your chosen career. Those just starting out on their career path and want to build confidence, start networking, and grow their connections.

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