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Dealing With Debt

There was an interesting, albeit tragic, BBC3 documentary about Jerome Rogers who ended up taking his own life because of a £65 traffic fine that spiralled out of control and rose to over £1000.  I have worked in debt recovery on behalf of major banks and also provided financial advice to individuals who have financial problems for over ten years. I would like to think that I have the experience and understanding to help people, whether they are seeking to recover a debt or have questions relating to loans or credit cards that they or members of their family have taken out.
Just recently I have had a couple of cases where family members have passed away and then it has come to light that they have credit cards debts or loans. This can often come as a complete shock to the family who is left to deal with debts that they did not know that the deceased person had accumulated.
If you are in this situation, acting as a Personal Representative of the deceased, once a grant of probate is obtained you have a legal obligation to collect in the assets under the Administration of Estates Act 1925. This also involves paying any debts that have accrued, if money is available.
I and the team here at Wilson Browne can help you obtain the answers to difficult questions that you may have about a deceased individual’s financial history. I can negotiate on your behalf and look to agree a settlement with the financial institution in question. If needed, then I can help you raise a complaint and if you are not satisfied then ultimately to put your case to the Financial Ombudsman.

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