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Busting Myths Of Dementia – Myth 4

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In support of dementia action week this week Vicki Pearce from our Court of Protection team highlights some of the myths about #Dementia  

Myth 4 : “Having dementia means you no longer have capacity”

No.  I feel very strongly about this one!

Just because somebody has dementia does not mean that they do not have capacity.  Very rarely do people lose capacity completely.

Capacity is both issue and time specific.

The question should not be whether someone has capacity but whether that person has capacity to make that particular decision at that particular time.

A person with dementia may have capacity to make some decisions but not others and it is always important to help them make as many decisions as they can.  For example, a person with dementia may be able to still do their weekly shopping but not know how to cancel a direct debit.

The issues of caring for a loved one, acting for someone who has lost capacity or challenging care funding or care home funding arrangements is complex.

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Vicki Pearce


Vicki Pearce


Vicki is a Partner and head of our Private Client Team and our Care Funding and Court of Protection Team . She is based in Northampton. As head of both teams she is able to bring her expertise and obvious overlaps into both areas of…