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Family Law Solicitor – Gt. Brington, Little Brington, Bramptons, Long Buckby, East and West Haddon

Our Family Law Team deals with all things matrimonial. If you need a specialist family lawyer in or around Great Brington, Little Brington, the Bramptons, Long Buckby, East and West Haddon, then you also need specialist advice, not a general legal practitioner.

Chances are, that living in one of these desirable rural villages, you also need to ensure that the division of assets is considered carefully whether that be the family home or other matrimonial assets. Ideally, you should seek legal advice (or mediation) if there is any dispute about:

  • debts you have, whether jointly or individually
  • the family home
  • how to share/split “who owns what”
  • arrangements for your children

When emotions run high, some couples find it difficult, impossible even, to agree how to split the finances, or they can only agree on some, and not all, aspects. If this happens….talk to us. Our Family Law team can also help if:

  • there is a disputed debt (between the two of you) where one of you took out a loan for the other, and they can’t or won’t pay
  • you and your ex-partner have a business that you can’t agree on how to divide.
  • you and your ex-partner own your house or home between you, but disagree how to split it.
  • you and your ex-partner have a joint mortgage and you can’t agree who pays what.
  • you and your ex-partner had a cohabitation agreement (‘living together agreement’) but they are refusing to honour it.

The Family Law team at Wilson Browne is one of the most established teams in the area and can meet you at any of our offices in Northamptonshire and Leicestershire including Northampton, Kettering, Corby, Higham Ferrers, Wellingborough, and Leicester.

Wilson Browne Solicitors has the only Family Law Team recognised in Northamptonshire, by the Legal 500 a Who’s Who of the legal profession.

Our Family Law solicitors can help you plan to protect your assets at the start of a relationship and give you clear advice if your relationship breaks down, whether that be about children, finances, property or getting a divorce.  We know how important it is to make the right decisions about your future and we are here to help you from the start.  We also have a qualified Mediator on hand should that be the route you choose. We are members of Resolution: family lawyers and other professionals committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes.

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Useful information:

The definition of Divorce

For a married couple (including same-sex couples) or those in a civil partnership, divorce or dissolution is the legal process of ending a marriage/civil partnership through a Court procedure and rarely involves the necessity to attend Court.

How long does it take?

Divorce usually takes between four and six months if not defended and proceedings can be issued after 1 year of marriage/forming of a civil partnership.

The home and finances

During a divorce or relationship breakdown, the family home is often central to the break-up given that it’s likely to be the single biggest asset. Whether married or not, our experts can help you reach the best possible settlement which could be a lump sum payment, transfer of the legal title or sale.

What if your partner won’t sell or agree on settling the finances?

If it comes to it, we can issue Court proceedings on your behalf for determination by the Court as to what your respective interests are and/or a sale of the property. This means that you can use the money to get on with your life. Also, when people separate there will be considerations about:

  • how savings and other capital assets will be divided,
  • who is to be responsible for any debts,
  • what (if any) on-going maintenance is payable,
  • issues such as pension sharing and,
  • the division of business assets.  

Formalising arrangements without starting proceedings

Even if you choose not to get divorced or obtain a dissolution, some couples decide not to issue proceedings immediately (following separation) but may still wish to formalise any agreement in relation to children and property. If an agreement can be reached, this can be incorporated into a Deed of Separation to give both parties certainty in separation until such time as divorce/dissolution proceedings follow at a later stage.

Worried about the cost?

People often worry that using a solicitor means uncertainty about cost – When you instruct us, you will always be kept informed of costs in a clear and easily understandable way.

You’ll be given an estimate of fees in advance. We will not begin any work until you are happy with our estimated costs.

We will be clear on our charges, including VAT and, we will also be clear on any fees that any third parties may need to charge you in relation to the matter.

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