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Wilson Browne Solicitors – Staff Awards 2023

Reasons to choose Wilson Browne

It’s that time of year again!

Wilson Browne Solicitors Staff Awards 2023

The time has come to vote for your favourite team or person – your own superhero.

Who are YOUR Wilson Browne superheroes?

  • What team or person has really made an impact on the business or you personally?
  • Who has joined but already seems part of the furniture?
  • Who would you miss if they weren’t there, day in, day out making WB the great place it is?

Vote for you favourite or favourites but remember, 1 person – 1 vote (i.e only vote once)

    Q1: Newcomer Of The Year (anyone who has joined since November 1st, 2022). Please state their name.

    Q1.1: What are your reasons for nominating them?

    Q2: Lawyer Of The Year - who is the most awesome, collegiate, go-getting lawyer?

    Q2.1: What makes them so awesomely special?

    Q3: Players’ Player – Who makes the office a happier place and puts a spring in your step? (only vote for your own office)

    Q3.1: What is it about them that makes your day better?

    Q3.2: In which office are you based?

    Q4: Team Of The Year – Any team, any place, anywhere!

    Q4.1: What makes this team stand out from all the other awesome teams?

    Q5: NALSA...the Not A Lawyer, Still Awesome award! Not all heroes wear capes or earn fees!

    Q5.1: What makes them your (super)hero?