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We’re Not New And We’ve Never Been Normal…

…which is why we went for a distinctive advert when we first launched the ‘brand’ advert late last year and early in this current year.

We shunned stock video footage of woeful people telling us their sad stories that led to them needing the services of a solicitor. Instead we went for a distinctive animation that developed ’emotional attachment’ and was (to use the jargon) ‘campaign-able’, meaning we could take the style and concept and apply it to other ads.

For those who can’t recall it, the original ad is below:

New Clinical Negligence TV Ad.

Starting on Monday and running across SKy and Virgin channels we are launching our Clinical Negligence ad for 37 days. You may not see it if you don’t fit the targeting criteria, but trust me, it will be out there and running.

Our style of advertising isn’t meant to detract from or diminish the fact that Clinical Negligence is serious business but the ad builds on the ’emotional attachment’ element and sets us apart. We will also use the ad on social media, with some paid for campaigns.