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Bringing The Bear To Life !

Reasons to choose Wilson Browne

Exciting News.

(Not for external release outside of Wilson Browne)

We have previously had radio adverts on Heart, Capital and Smooth radio, plus press coverage in the local newspapers and magazines. We (normally) support pantomimes, sports clubs, various awards, have excellent coverage on social media and the next logical step is to take our brand onto TV.

The TV ad will play across Sky and Virgin Media digital channels starting on Sunday 10th October, run for 28 days, and then resume after Christmas. There’s lots of scope to have specific ads for the Family Team, Private Client (Wills & Trusts), Residential Conveyancing…and others.

Before you dive straight in and look at the ad, it really pays to spend 8 minutes watching the video which explains the “why”: why TV and why now; why this concept….I mean, what sort of law firm uses a teddy bear in an advert !

We have put a lot of thought into the commercial and the idea of using Wilson Bear – everything was done for a reason, designed to make us stand out from the crowd and show a friendly approach to the business of law. It wasn’t just a case of “what can we use in a TV advert? We’ve got a bear…yeah, that’ll do”

We are pleased with the result – hopefully you’ll like it too.

To watch the video of the 30 second ad only see here: