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Caring For A Loved One: Administration Of Financial Affairs

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Management Services

We have a special range of services to meet the needs of clients, in later life or those caring for relatives. Home visits can be arranged and we place great importance on the establishment of a good relationship between client and solicitor.

We have a specialist team who can, if required, take over the complete administration of a person’s financial affairs. This may be of particular benefit to those planning a move into residential care or if you have elderly relatives, this allows you to concentrate on their care, whilst we sort the finances.

Our services include (but not exhaustively):

  • Managing bank and building society accounts,
  • Arranging payment of bills,
  •  Advice on social security benefits, pensions and tax allowances,
  • Completion of income tax returns,
  • Drafting of Wills, (or Statutory Wills if they have lost capacity)
  • Formation of Trusts,
  • Arranging Independent Financial Advice
  • Care funding challenges and advice

Advisory Services

We can advise on Care funding contracts and the paperwork with the local authority, or help challenge a funding decision through the NHS or local authority.

Some people express the wish to give their house to their children or other relatives, whilst continuing to live there. We can provide advice on all the consequences, benefits and pitfalls of doing so.

We can advise on different ways to achieve protecting your family assets from the concerns that are inevitable in later life.

For those wishing to sell their house, we can:

  • Arrange with an estate agent for the property to be placed on the market,
  • Carry out the necessary conveyancing,
  • Advise through Independent Financial Advisers how to best invest the money from the sale as required.

Residential Care

If a move into residential care becomes necessary, we can advise on types of accommodation, legal requirements, fees, regulations and the funding options. Again we are happy to arrange home visits to those in residential care.

Powers of Attorney

There are two forms of Power of Attorney under which formal authority to handle another’s affairs may be given. One in relation to Property and Finance; and one in relation to Health and Welfare. A Power of Attorney must be made by the person who wishes to give the authority and that person must be capable of understanding the meaning and effect of the document. The authority will then remain in force, even if the person later becomes incapable.

Court Of Protection

For those who are unable to manage their affairs, lack capacity and where no Lasting Power of Attorney has been granted, the Court of Protection can appoint a “Deputy”. This is usually a relative or close friend but a solicitor can be appointed when there is no one else who is willing or able to act.

A Court of Protection application may be required if you have a disabled child or a loved one who has lost capacity through an accident or progressive illness.

It may also be necessary to apply to the Court of Protection if there is a dispute which involves an incapacitated person or if you want to make gifts or do tax planning for someone
who is incapable.


Many people think that seeing a solicitor is always an expensive exercise. This is generally not the case and where possible, we will offer advice on a fixed cost basis. If it is not possible to offer a fixed cost, we will explain the basis on which charges are made at the initial interview and a written summary will then be provided.

We provide a service that ensures peace of mind and freedom from worry for those who no longer wish or are unable to administer their own financial affairs and our team is recognised by the independently researched Legal 500 for its work in this area of law.

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