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Domestic Violence Solicitors Leicester

If you have been (or are) the victim of domestic violence or have been accused of domestic violence, we can help.

Our Domestic Violence Solicitors in Leicester have over 20 years experience of in helping people through what can be a distressing time, by offering robust but empathetic advice.

Conveniently based in Peacock Lane, Leicester, the family law team is there to help you with all your Family Law needs in a friendly, compassionate way.

Regrettably, there is no Legal Aid for domestic abuse cases but we do offer a range of fixed fees.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence need not necessarily be the infliction of physical injury but may be in the form of harassment, threats, verbal abuse or bullying from someone close.

We can advise on a way forward, which may include police involvement, a warning letter to the perpetrator, application for an injunction order, defending an application or considering the use of undertakings. This means that quite often matters can be agreed with the person accused making a solemn promise to the Court not to do it again.

There are usually two types of injunction order that we assist with, namely an Occupation Order or Non-Molestation Order depending on your situation.

If you are making the application, quite often you can ask the Court to order that the other person pays your costs. We will discuss this with you in more detail during the initial consultation.

When you contact the Leicester Family Law team, you’ll be drawing on the experience and expertise of one of the most established teams in the region.

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