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Combined Will And LPA Package

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Why make an LPA?

Fact: We’re all living longer.

In 1900 life expectancy was 31, at birth; in 1950 it was 48.

In 2010, it was up to 67…and it’s going to keep going up as the field of medicine advances, we live healthier lifestyles, and the overall quality of life improves.

Increased life span has the unfortunate side effect of more people suffering from physical or mental problems in later life.

By 2025, more than 1 million people in the UK will have dementia, according to the Alzheimer’s Society.

One in five people over 85 already suffers from it, with rates significantly higher among women than men.

Many charities who care for the elderly recommend planning ahead i.e. a Will and an LPA.

Who needs an LPA?

Not just ‘the old’. Arguably everyone.

Anyone could lose “capacity” through illness or accident and an LPA ensures that someone you know and trust can help administer your affairs.

Part of living longer involves healthier lifestyles and keeping fit with activities such as cycling, mountain biking, rugby, football, winter sports, jogging, horse riding and many others: all of which carry an element of risk.

Even the daily commute isn’t without obvious dangers, even though we prefer not to think about it.

Accidents can strike at any time – they say “you never know what’s around the corner”, but being prepared can go a long way.

The practical benefits of an LPA

An LPA is recognised by:

  • banks and other financial institutions
  • care homes
  • local authorities
  • tax, benefit and pensions authorities
  • as well as being your authority to allow someone to act on your behalf.

Types of LPA

Without an LPA, an application has to be made to the Court Of Protection which incurs additional delay and expense.

  • one covers decisions about money matters and finances, known as a property and financial affairs LPA,
  • one covers decisions about healthcare, known as a personal welfare LPA.

An important difference is that a property and financial affairs LPA can be used while someone still has capacity, whereas a personal welfare LPA can only be used once they have lost it.  Anyone you trust can be your attorney, provided they are over 18, not bankrupt and they are willing to take on the responsibility…and it is a big responsibility.

An LPA must be signed by a certificate provider such as a solicitor. Their role is to ensure and certify that you understand the LPA and have not been pressurised into signing it.  The Power of Attorney can be revoked at any time while you still have mental capacity, and conditions can be placed upon its use or scope. By combining your visit to us for a Will and LPA we can offer big savings over standard prices…ask us for details.

With a Lasting Power of Attorney in place you are still free to deal with matters for yourself so long as you feel able or are willing to do so.

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