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Pregnancy Related Claims

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Most women have no problems whilst they are pregnant but this is a time when women can be at risk with certain medical conditions.

If not diagnosed appropriately and treated can go on to cause problems, sometimes even after the baby has been born.

Some examples are as follows:-


This is a medical condition that can only occur during pregnancy.  Common symptoms include raised blood pressure, headaches, blurred vision, dizziness and reduced foetal developments.

It can usually be detected through increased levels of protein within the mother’s urine.

Pre-eclampsia affects the placenta in the womb and causes poor blood supply through the placenta to the baby.  This in turn provides less oxygen and nutrients to the baby and can therefore affect the growth and development of the unborn baby.

The condition generally occurs during the third trimester of the pregnancy.  If diagnosed it can be managed successfully.  However failure to diagnose can cause serious medical complications for mother and baby.

Forceps injury

Forceps are a delivery tool and can be used to deliver a baby where there are complications during childbirth.

It is very important that the forceps are used correctly so as to avoid injury to both baby and mother.

If too much pressure is applied when using the forceps which are placed on the baby’s head to ease delivery then it is possible to cause damage to the baby such as:-

•    facial nerve damage
•    skull fractures
•    cerebral palsy
•    brain damage

For the mother again if the forceps delivery is not managed appropriately then she is at risk of suffering multiple injuries such as:-

•    vaginal tears
•    injury to the rectum
•    injury to the urinary tract


Sadly not all pregnancies result in a healthy baby being born.  The stillbirth rate remains high in this country.  A stillbirth is a baby born dead at later than 24 weeks gestational age.  The main reasons for stillbirth are:-

•    abnormalities
•    hypoxia
•    immaturity
•    trauma
•    infection

In a high number of cases stillbirth would be preventable if there had been closer monitoring of the pregnant woman.

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