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Funding Medical Negligence Claims

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Funding options for medical negligence claims are numerous and can be quite complex but here at Wilson Browne we like to keep things simple.

  • Conditional Fee Agreement – the majority of cases we take on are funded under a CFA (sometimes referred to as a no win no fee agreement). What this means is that if you are not successful and you lose your case you do not have to pay any costs or disbursements. If you win then you may have to pay something out of your compensation.   This will include payment of premium to the after the event insurer and also our success fee. We guarantee that clients will receive at least 75% of their compensation.
  • Legal expense insurance – you should check your household insurance policies to see if they include legal expenses cover for medical negligence claims. If you do have cover in those circumstances you will not have to pay anything out of your compensation in respect of either ATE insurance premium or our success fee.
  • Public Funding – from 1st April 2013 legal aid is only available to children claiming damages for injuries sustained at birth.  Here at Wilson Browne we have been awarded a franchise by the Legal Aid Agency so we are able to obtain legal aid for clients in these circumstances.  The benefit to the client is that they recover all their damages.
  • Trade Union help – if you are a member of a trade union they may be in a position to help.
  • Private Funding – is available if none of the above are suitable.

The above are examples of how we can help individuals to fund their medical negligence claims.

We will discuss the options with you and advise you on the best option available to you to fund your particular case.