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Failure To Diagnose

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Failure to diagnose relates to when a medical professional fails to correctly diagnose the patient’s condition.

The medical professional can be a General Practitioner or a Hospital doctor or nurse. Failing to diagnose a patient’s medical condition is one of the most common types of medical negligence actions.

Failing to diagnose will result in a delay for the patient in terms of the diagnosis being made and then a delay in the treatment starting; and sometimes the failure to diagnose the correct condition can mean that incorrect treatment is given or no treatment at all.

A failure to diagnose a condition can in some circumstances be very serious and life threatening. It can occur where there is a delay in diagnosing cancer. It can also happen in other circumstances for example:-

• Stroke
• Cauda Equine Syndrome
• Appendicitis
• Missed fractures
• Pressure sores
• Testicular torsions

The above are examples and there are many more.

Sometimes failing to make a diagnosis can mean that the patient suffers further damage and the illness can become more advanced and more serious.

Here at Wilson Browne, the team have had a great deal of experience in dealing with a number of cases where there has been a failure to diagnose,

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