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Birth Injury / Obstetrics Claims

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The birth of a baby is an exciting and happy time…

…for families across England and Wales every day of the week. Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go to plan and that can result in problems for the mother or the baby.

Problems during pregnancy, labour or childbirth can result in life-changing outcomes for mothers and babies.  If you think something has gone wrong during your pregnancy, labour or the delivery of your baby you may be able to claim compensation.

In some cases complications arise during the pregnancy which require monitoring and treatment to ensure the safety of mother and baby. If there are problems with the obstetric care you receive this can lead to a failure to identify and treat conditions as they develop or to ensure that arrangements are made to deliver your baby at the right time.

In other cases, problems arise when the mother goes in to labour or during the delivery of the baby itself. Failures in care can mean that mother or baby suffer injuries during the birth which can leave them with problems for the rest of their lives. Very sadly, birth can sometimes result in the death of mother or baby though these cases are very rare.

Obstetric negligence is one of the major causes of medical negligence litigation. Obstetrics claims accounted for 10% of claims in 2016/2017, but 49% 0f the damages.**

Claims that are made following a difficult pregnancy, labour or birth include

  • Failed sterilisation
  • Problems following a Caesarean section
  • Problems after a forceps or vacuum delivery
  • Negligent interpretation of scans
  • Failure to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy, maternal/gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia
  • Failure to manage oxygen levels leading to oxygen deprivation/cerebral palsy
  • Delayed delivery

Where post-natal problems occur these can result in serious complications for mother or baby – careful monitoring of any changes in condition are essential so that effective and timely treatment can be provided.

Claims that are made if there are post-natal problems include

  • Problems following an episiotomy
  • Problems leading to infertility
  • Over-oxygenation of premature babies
  • Failure to manage bleeding

Our Team is recognised by the independently researched Legal 500 and has successfully represented many clients in claims for them or their children arising from negligence in ante-natal care or during labour and delivery.

We understand that if you are worried that something has gone wrong during the birth of your child you may be in pain and you may be very upset and confused. Our Team will talk to you about your concerns and can advise on the steps to be taken. We will work with you to find out what has happened and to claim compensation for you and your family if there has been negligence.

Whatever your query or concern regarding birth injuries or obstetrics call us today.

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