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Property Litigation

Solicitors And Lawyers Who Understand Property Disputes

John Gordon of Wilson Browne Solicitors,  has many years experience of dealing with property litigation in a practical and sensible manner. If these disputes are not managed properly, many property issues can escalate into lengthy and expensive disputes. We work with clients throughout England and Wales to resolve property disputes involving:

  • Fences
  • Boundary disputes
  • Party Wall Act disputes
  • Interpretation of deeds and rights of way

Where boundary disputes are concerned, there is a great deal of misinformation regarding how the position of a boundary is determined.  On a small scale map, such as a land registry scale map, the line on the map can equate to a line some feet across when scaled up.  Expert advice is usually required to determine where the legal boundary actually lies, by considering the legal presumptions and all available plans, deeds and other evidence.  We can assist you to resolve the stress and anxiety of boundary and property disputes.

If you have a dispute relating to property, including breach of restrictive covenant, boundary disputes, nuisance or building disputes, we can help you with cost-effective and pragmatic advice.

We can offer the latest funding options, which may include paying privately, or the use of insurance policy legal costs provision.

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