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The truth on why families need access to proper legal support, when it comes to hospital blunders

In more than half of 150 cases reviewed following complaints, the NHS failed to conduct an independent investigation, instead medics were asked to review the blunders of their colleagues.

20% (1/5th) of NHS investigations were deemed to have been poorly conducted: missing medical records, statements or interviews.
Whilst the NHS has a proud tradition of providing healthcare free at the point of service, let’s not forget that it remains a service that we all pay for via our taxes and contributions and therefore should reasonably expect good care.
Some people have alluded to a ‘cover-up culture’: regrettably it often takes the skills, knowledge and experience of a Medical Negligence (aka Clinical Negligence) specialist to get to the truth. At Wilson Browne Solicitors we have many years’ experience with Partners on the Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Panel and the AvMA (Action Against Medical Accidents) Panel as well as the practical experience to guide you through the often difficult process of making a claim. Our dedicated Medical Negligence specialists represent both clients acting on their own behalf and those acting on behalf of their children.
Medical Negligence (Clinical Negligence) can apply to many conditions but people often refer to it in the context of ‘operations gone wrong’. Such a narrow term does not even begin to cover how many situations can come under the banner of Clinical or Medical Negligence. In broad terms, we can help if someone has suffered as a result of :

  • Birth injury, wrongful birth or failed sterilisation
  • Delayed diagnosis, misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose an illness
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Surgery gone wrong including cosmetic surgery and  faulty joint replacement
  • Wrong prescription
  • Nursing Errors
  • Unexplained death. We represent many clients at inquests

We cover Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and across the country in relation to claims against all health care providers such as hospitals, doctors, general practitioners, osteopaths and physiotherapists, whether the treatment received was NHS or privately funded. Our Medical Negligence team deals with cases of all types and complexity: as widely reported in the Northampton Chronicle and Echo and the Northants Evening Telegraph.  The team recently settled a significant case against Kettering General Hospital relating to a negligent delay in childbirth after signs of foetal distress as well as representing the Leicestershire family of Jack Adcock at the Inquest and with their Medical Negligence Claim.
Our aim is to work with those representing the potential defendants to achieve a settlement and compensation for our clients as quickly as possible and given how complex the area of healthcare and medicine is, we can (subject to agreement) work with them on a no win, no fee basis which all starts with a  free initial telephone consultation.
Whilst many healthcare Trusts seemingly adopt a policy of denial until the last possible moment (playing a game of brinkmanship) and only admitting their errors when a court date is set, the need for an expert remains. Of course, it would be better for everyone if they simply owned-up in the first place, saving everyone time, stress and money.
As long as Trusts continue to play this game, capping legal costs actually works against the victim/claimant as it effectively prevents the mounting of a robust case, say, through the use of expert witnesses.
We believe that capping costs is wrong: doing so could even be perceived by some as a cynical move designed to reduce the number of claims by making the cost of accessing justice a cost that the legal profession would have to bear themselves: clearly an unsustainable option.
As long as the medical profession continues to make unforced mistakes, they need to be held to account. For more information or advice contact our Clinical Negligence (Medical Negligence) Team.