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Skin Cancer

The month of May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month.  Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK, and worldwide. There are two main categories of skin cancer: melanomas and non-melanoma skin cancers.

The rates of skin cancer continue to rise around 2-4% each year, with around 16,000 cases of melanoma skin cancer being diagnosed yearly. It is estimated that 2 people die every hour due to skin cancer.


For melanoma skin cancer, the most common sign is the appearance of a new mole or a change in an existing mole; this can happen anywhere on the body, but they are uncommon in areas that are protected from the sun. In most cases, melanomas have an irregular shape and are more than one colour.

For non-melanoma skin cancer, the first sign is usually the appearance of a lump or discoloured patch on the skin that persists after a few weeks and slowly progresses over months, or possibly even years.

It is important that with any change of the skin (whether it be a mole or lump/patch) that you see a GP to get it checked out at the earliest opportunity.

Potential Issues and How We Can Help

As with all types of cancer, early diagnosis and treatment is crucial so that the cancer is treated before it has the chance to spread to other parts of the body. For this reason, if you suffered a delay in the diagnosis or treatment of your cancer as a result of medical negligence, for example your cancer was misdiagnosed, or if you received substandard treatment for your cancer; then you may have a claim in clinical negligence.

Our specialist Medical Negligence team have experience in bringing cases for negligence in cases of misdiagnosis or sub-par treatment for cancer. We can support you throughout the claim and enable you to achieve the justice that you deserve.

Adam Willson


Adam Willson


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