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Significant pay-out for victim of Medical Negligence

Wilson Browne Solicitors has agreed terms of settlement with Kettering General Hospital in a Medical Negligence case (also called Clinical Negligence).

The team recently settled a significant case against Kettering General Hospital relating to a  negligent delay in childbirth after signs of foetal distress. This sadly led to a lack of oxygen causing brain damage and the child was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. The hospital accepted that 90% of the child’s brain damage was caused by their negligence.
After several experts were consulted and advised on various aspects of the claim, terms were negotiated for a lump sum and annual payments for the rest of the claimants’ life. The claim has been on going for several years and the team are delighted to have now achieved a £7.1million settlement that was approved on 29th June 2015 – a huge success for both the client and the team. Louise Tyler, head of the Clinical Negligence team at Wilson Browne adds that this will mean the child’s future needs in terms of specialist care are assured which was the parents’ main aim.
Louise Tyler comments “Clinical Negligence (or Medical Negligence as it is sometimes referred to) is not all about receiving compensation: we understand that clients are looking for answers by getting to the truth about why it happened, how it was allowed to happen and who was responsible.
One aspect of our job is to look at the bigger picture; to enable victims to improve their lives in terms of care, rehabilitation and housing but also to consider their other needs. Obviously, this involves compensation to facilitate those changes. At Wilson Browne, we are privileged to be able to call on our colleagues from other specialisms to ensure that we provide a complete service including Wills, Trusts and Court Of Protection where appropriate. A trust may be necessary to ensure finances are safeguarded and taken care of properly and, Court of Protection applies when someone is unable to make a decision for themself.”
The team at Wilson Browne have over 40 years of experience in helping people through these complicated and challenging cases. This experience is recognised by the Legal 500 (a “Who’s who” of the legal profession) with head of team Louise Tyler also being a member of the Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Panel and AvMa (Action against Medical Accidents).